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New York is synonymous with taxi cabs. As a major mode of transportation for so many people, it is extremely important that the drivers act responsibly at all times. If you have been injured in a taxi cab accident, you need a taxi accident attorney in New York City who understands how to explore every avenue on your behalf.

Mitchell D. Kessler, Attorney at Law has represented car accident victims for over 35 years, and we understand the challenges that can arise in a taxi cab case, and how to use this knowledge to our clients' greatest advantage during the settlement process.

Understanding Taxi Cab Accidents

There are three main types of taxi cab accidents: 1) an accident where a taxi cab is in a collision with a car you are in, 2) an accident where you are a passenger in a taxi cab, and 3) an accident where you are a pedestrian who is struck by a cab.

From a legal perspective, the fact that a taxi cab was involved in an accident that you were in does not affect your ability to file a claim for damages; however, an accident with a taxi can affect the outcome of your claim because the cab driver depends on driving a cab for their livelihood, hence they are more prone to challenge liability more vigorously than the average driver.

Mitchell D. Kessler, Attorney at Law can help you if:

  • A taxi cab hit a vehicle you were driving
  • A taxi cab hit a vehicle that you were a passenger in
  • You were a passenger in a taxi cab that was in an accident
  • You were a pedestrian who was hit by a taxi cab

Filing a Claim in a Taxi Cab Accident

While filing a claim in a taxi cab accident is similar to a passenger vehicle car accident, especially when it involves your car and the taxi, it becomes more complicated if multiple passengers or victims are trying to exhaust the available insurance.

Such circumstances demand the assistance of a highly experienced and skilled New York City taxi accident attorney who is adept at negotiating with insurance companies, and you can expect this level of representation from Mitchell D. Kessler, Attorney at Law.

Were you injured in a taxi cab accident? Don't delay; contact Mitchell D. Kessler, Attorney at Law at (212) 791-9487 to schedule your free consultation today.

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