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Types of Construction Accidents

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Some workplace environments are simply more dangerous than others. Naturally, construction sites are among the most dangerous workplace settings in the country, and for obvious reasons. From heavy machinery to high scaffolding, a construction site can pose significant risks to workers who put in hours of grueling, physical labor on a daily basis.

If you have suffered an injury while working on a construction site in New York, then you must contact a New York City construction accident attorney immediately. Mitchell D. Kessler, Attorney at Law has helped clients recover millions in verdicts and settlements. If workplace negligence or failure to implement an effective safety protocol may have been a direct cause of your accident or injury, we are prepared to take necessary legal action to right the wrongs that have been forced upon you.

Involved in a Construction Accident in New York?

Construction site employers, site managers, and other overseers are required to ensure safe working conditions for all construction site employees and innocent bystanders. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Due to oversights or egregious negligence, construction site accidents occur very frequently and can cause victims serious injury or fatality.

Construction sites can result in many different types of accidents, including:

  • Equipment-related accidents: Construction workers can get caught between heavy equipment, or could suffer extreme injuries due to equipment rollovers, poor maintenance, or malfunction.
  • Negligence-related accidents: Construction sites are required to have some sort of safety and emergency protocol to ensure the complete safety of on-site employees.
  • Trench-collapse accidents: Construction workers are exposed to trenches on a daily basis. Whether they are working in, around, or over a trench, the collapse of a trench could result in fatal injuries.
  • Work-zone accidents: Work zones are frequently seen throughout New York City. From roadside construction sites to highway road closures, work zones are generally roadway improvement projects that require both day and night work. Unfortunately, many drivers do not pay attention or drive recklessly through work zone areas, causing catastrophic injuries to innocent workers and other bystanders.
  • Labor law violations and accidents: According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), there are several labor laws and safety standards that must be met. If a construction worksite owner has failed to meet these strict guidelines, the firm can determine if the labor law violation played a direct role in the extent of your injury.

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Don't try to go through this process alone. Many times, workplace owners will try to deny blame or negligence. Insurance companies and opposing attorneys will try to place the guilt on you, the wrongfully injured victim, in order to try and deny you of the full amount of money that you deserve. With our construction accident lawyer in New York City at your side, however, you can level the playing field and help make certain that the opposition plays by the rules and pays for the injustice they may have caused you.

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