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Any instance of negligence causing a loss of life is completely unacceptable, and the law says you can pursue a case against the responsible party. This is where our wrongful death attorney in New York City comes in.

How We Can Help

While we cannot reverse the damage done, we may be able to help you obtain compensation to cover the toll of a family member's loss, such as funeral costs, income loss, and the pain and suffering you endure. When someone else's actions cost the life of a loved one, you should not have to shoulder the financial burden. As a wrongful death attorney with 31 years of experience, Mitchell Kessler has recovered millions of dollars for clients.

Mitchell D. Kessler, Attorney at Law represents clients in a variety of wrongful death cases, including but not limited to:

  • Fires
  • Falls
  • Explosions
  • Equipment failure

Our team understands the emotional difficulty of the situation when there is a loss of a family member. We see it as our professional responsibility to comfort clients during this emotionally difficult time. You have a lot on your plate, and an attorney should not be another worry. We will work diligently to try and reduce the stress of your situation, and our goal is that you feel your case is in good hands.

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To learn more about what the firm may be able to do for you, please request a free, no-obligation evaluation. Our firm proudly protects the rights of injured victims throughout the entire New York area, including Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan.

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The Opinions That Matter Most

  • “Mr. Kessler, you've been helpful the whole ride and I appreciate it.”

    Shawn R. | Manhattan, NY

  • “Working with Attorney Kessler has been a pleasure. He has treated me respectfully and I'm very satisfied with the outcome of my case.”

    Shirley C. | Brooklyn, NY

  • “ Compassionate and supportive throughout, Mitchell worked hard to get the best possible settlement for me, diligently keeping me in the loop for all the twists and turns he encountered. ”

    Joanie | New York, NY

  • “I am grateful for Mr. Kessler's help.”

    Felix I. | New York, NY

  • “Mr. Kessler met with us for hours to get ready for trial. He was well prepared, so the case settled before trial. We were very happy with the result!”

    Sebastiano and Giovanna B. | Brooklyn, NY